Legal support for Essure patients in Northern Ireland

Caroline Prunty, Partner, Millar McCall Wylie, has commented on the situation many women in Northern Ireland find themselves in regarding the Essure sterilisation device.

Essure, manufactured by Bayer Pharmaceutical, was removed from the UK market in 2017. Many women who were fitted with the device have since suffered complications including damage to the fallopian tubes, severe abdominal cramping and irregular bleeding, amongst others. Caroline Prunty comments:

“There was clear evidence that the use and fitting of the Essure implant was known to have caused significant problems for the patient.

“Whilst the manufacturer maintains that it was safe for use, its withdrawal from the UK market in 2017 could reasonably be viewed as an admission that for certain patients the implant caused very significant symptoms.

“The Department of Health in Northern Ireland advised the Trusts that Essure had lost its CE certificate in 2017 and, as such, it should not have been used by any Health trust thereafter. It is highly likely that any patient who has been fitted with the Essure implant after this date would have a claim in negligence against the relevant Trust.

“In respect of patients fitted before this date, it may well be, that they too, could successfully bring a claim against the relevant Trust. Whether the device should be removed would have to be determined on a case by case basis following appropriate and detailed advice from the treating doctor or consultant.”

If you believe you have been affected by this matter, please contact Caroline Prunty and her litigation team at Millar McCall Wylie to seek advice.