Clare Lenaghan

Associate Director


Matrimonial Finances

A former Barrister of considerable experience, Clare leads the Matrimonial and Family Department at Millar McCall Wylie.

She has represented clients in divorce,  ancillary relief financial cases and complex children’s cases at all levels of Court.

She has been involved in numerous high net worth  pre-nuptial and post nuptial financial settlements  and is highly experienced in all  aspects of the law relating to relationship breakdown.

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You were absolutely brilliant with me from my first interaction with you and I really appreciate how comfortable you made me feel and how quickly and professionally you dealt with everything.

I am most grateful to you for steering us through this journey. Your advice has been consistent and relevant as well as always clear and helpful.

Thank you for your hard work and expertise. Your honesty together with your acumen were a great source of strength. I feel that my children’s future has been safeguarded and I thank you sincerely for this.